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I’m Not Writing About my Teenagers…

By Justine Dorton

My kids don’t want me to write/blog about them anymore. They’re older and ‘enphoned’, as it were. If I were to talk about them, they think I’d embarrass them by talking about their crushes, their Youth Conference dance moves, their drivers ed adventures, their A.C.T. Scores.

I would absolutely talk about that stuff, it’s true, but if I were to talk about my kids (which I’m 100% not), I would really want to write about why I’m STILL sniping about cleaning your room, why drivers insurance rates in our house are SO D@#$ high, and why there are so many strange body odors here now.

But one thing that both of us groups can agree on is that teenagers are awesome. (No, really!) I have a young adult, three teens and a pre-teen, and it’s really the best. No one lays on the floor of Costco and screams for gummy bears. No one cuts their sibling’s bangs while the other sleeps. No one throws spaghetti on the floor to feed an ant.

We sit at the kitchen table and talk and debate and tease and laugh. Every once in awhile someone even washes a dish unannounced.

The 11 year old has been on a cookie making spree, baking them literally every day and delivering plates of them around the neighborhood to random people. Aside from the multitudinous disaster that my kitchen is daily, it’s a joy. He came home from a widow’s down the street a few days ago and said he had gone in and visited with her for 30 minutes.

Bestill my heart.

So, while he may need a daily reminder about the virtues of deodorant, he made cookies for an elderly woman and visited her. That’s about a wash in ‘skills taught’, yes? This sweet troublemaker has made dozens of plates of cookies this summer. “I know the Spirit is awesome”, he says. (Don’t tell him I’m talking about him). He just makes me cry. Cry and feel really happy that he’s figuring out how to recognize how the Spirit works. I’ll never get old of that.

About Justine Dorton

Justine is a mother to five children, and has a husband lodged somewhere (probably in the den). She is not very fond of speaking of herself in third person.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Writing About my Teenagers…”

  1. I'm in a similar situation, Justine, and am finding it surprising how much the distancing (in terms of being able to write about them/us) is tugging at my heart strings. They'll always be my babies, it just is an added sweetbitter tang when they grow more.

  2. As someone in the throes of Costco tantrums and spaghetti on the floor, this post is music to my ears! I know "bigger kids, bigger problems" blah blah, but I LOVE hearing that having teenagers is awesome. Thanks!


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