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Immediately, a poem

By Elizabeth Pinborough

I saw a man once, clustered with people, walking

with multitudes. He had a certain glory about

him, the glow reserved only for little children

and those who have known great hardships.

The dust sprang up around his sandals

and clung to the hem of his garment.

A group of people, officious, intruding,

huddled near him, speaking to him.

And somehow he remained apart.

I knew they could prevent me

from going near him if I made

myself known. So I hung back

until the right moment and

flung myself to the ground.

Extending my hand—which

trembled a lot—I grasped

the cloth and kissed it.

I felt a shock go

straight to my

blood and heal

my inmost


Photo by Bobbo Sintes on Unsplash

About Elizabeth Pinborough

Elizabeth is a Salt Lake City poet who believes in miracles. Her current project is a book of dialogic poems about Bible stories that explores conflicting voices in scripture. She writes about her experience with brain injury on her blog www.theartofstriving.com.

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