April 2017 Editorial

· Contest Issue ·

April 11, 2017

April features Segullah‘s contest issue: a fresh crop of new work, new words, and new talent. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a wealth of selections to choose from this year. Sincere thanks to all those who promoted and contributed to the contest. The entries we’ve received are ever so much more than the documents, files, and images they came to us in- they’re time and energy.

I’ve been learning the real labor of that creation time and energy in recent months. I’m in the thick of a project of my own, the biggest thing I’ve ever set myself to. The effort of making stuff is nothing to scoff at. My third eye or mind’s eye has a vision of the end result, but the lag of my limbs to get there is real. At some moments I just can’t get past where I am to where I want my work to be. But the act of not quitting and still doing has proved something to me. These moments of hang up aren’t a stopping place, but a measurement of exertion, vulnerability, and growth. And it’s hard. Real work is soul work; the truest kind of art.

While you can’t see the shards of my soul woven into my work, the bits of myself I harrowed up and into the effort of creation, it’s there.

The stories, scraps, and scars of the women who entered this year’s contests, I offer to you now. These selections: visual art, prose, and poetry are scraped from each creator’s self. Each is now a part of the Segullah collection: peculiar and precious treasures, the whole eclectic, wondrous lot, ranging the gambit: from sugar addiction to downy, quilt-covered dreams. I invite you to find the pieces that resonate with you in your own struggles and wonder of work.

Plus, we have new and gasp-worthy glorious selections from our featured writer, Melissa Leilani Larson, and featured artist, Beth Allen.

Enjoy the broadest, fullest journal we’ve had since we moved to digital publication.


Sandra Clark Jergensen

Segullah Co-Editor-in-Chief

Table of Contents:


Little Happy Secrets (excerpt), Melissa Leilani Larson


HM: “Waterfall,” Kessia Robinson
HM: “Tug of a Thread,” Anne Thomas
Visual Art: 
April 11, 2017
April 11, 2017