Featured Artist Beth Allen’s Artist Statement

March 21, 2017

 Bio: I was born in Utah, raised in Texas and Arizona. I have been making art as long as I can remember. Oldest of five, mother to seven, including twins born last summer! My husband and family are my everything. I believe in giving ourselves the permission to make life extraordinary, that we are here on earth to love and live and learn, which is messy and hard but also so beautiful.

Artist Statement:

My name is Beth. I am a mother, a wife, an artist.

I’ve carved a small studio out of a storage closet, and I’ve carved a painting career between naps and dishes.  My everyday life inspires me: the fruit on my counter, the trees outside my window, the faces surrounding me.

I’ve been described as quiet, a nd I think that might be because I find it easier to speak in colors and shapes than words.  Painting is solace.  Organizing color patterns helps me to filter through the tones in my head.

A compulsion for creation has been with me since childhood.  And I followed my dreams of a light-filled studio with piles of blank white canvases to a fine arts degree in painting at Arizona State University.

Recently I’ve found inspiration in collaborative art pieces.  Individuals or brands interested in a portrait commission or other prompted pieces are warmly invited to contact me.

I hope that you can find some peace and inspiration here for your own home. Conversations and questions are welcome at hello@bethallenart.com.

Website: www.bethallenart.com

Instagram: @bethannallen