January 2018 Editorial and Table of Contents

January 15, 2018

By now the Christmas tree is down and the ornaments are packed away. By now the resolutions are in force – or perhaps sagging a bit already. By now bills fill the mailbox instead of holiday greetings from far flung friends. And, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, the weather is mostly gray and cold.

Need a pick me up? This month’s journal should do the trick.

This month we get acquainted with our featured artist Shushana Rucker, the creative force behind this quarter’s impressive urban landscape paintings. One of 12 siblings growing up in Pennsylvania, she shares aspects of her upbringing that influenced her perspective (both literal and internal). You may from now on find yourself viewing power lines with aesthetic awe! I know I do!

Featured author Luisa Perkins treats us to Chapter 1 of her book Prayers in Bath. Her lush prose invites us into the physical, emotional and spiritual spaces her characters inhabit. Forthright and evocative, this excerpt is a gem.

Annie Wiederhold’s “Hyacinth” is our prose highlight, an exploration of tragedy and rebuilding; of reminiscence and personal growth; of time and the temple and a brimming “olfactory revelation.”

Heather Bergevin’s poem “In the bleak” also addresses issues of being “reborn after ashes.” Its fresh images and vivid language create a sober, astute tribute to the fierce, stark demands of midwinter…and the hint of hope.

Danya Patterson’s poem “Hairdos and Don’ts” creates a frisky, fun tribute to freedom, to personal choice, and to family bonding through hirsute styling.

Welcome to our midwinter treat!

Linda Hoffman Kimball

Co-Editor in Chief

Table of Contents


Interview with Featured Artist Shushana Rucker by Linda Hoffman Kimball

Excerpt from Featured Author Luisa Perkins:  Prayers in Bath Chapter 1


Hyacinth by Annie Wiederhold


Hairdos and Don’ts by Danya Patterson

In the bleak by Heather Bergevin


January 17, 2018