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Kathryn Soper to be interviewed by Carole Mikita

By Emily Milner

Tune in to KSL tomorrow morning at 8 A.M. to hear Carole Mikita interview our brilliant editor-in-chief, Kathryn Soper. I’m excited to hear this; Kathy has great wisdom and a great sense of humor. I will be tuning in!

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(Poetry Board) graduated from BYU in Comparative Literature, but it was long enough ago that most of what she learned has leaked out. She would like to mention other hobbies or interests, but to be honest she spends most of her free time reading (although she does enjoy attempting yoga). She used to blog at hearingvoices.wordpress.com. For now, though, Segullah is her only blogging home, and it's a good one.

6 thoughts on “Kathryn Soper to be interviewed by Carole Mikita”

  1. Ack–it's crunch time for me getting my kindergartner out the door right about then, but I'll do my best. Way to go, that's hard interview to get!


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