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Melody Newey: Segullah’s New Poetry Editor

By Linda Hoffman Kimball


Segullah Poetry Editor
Melody Newey Johnson

Segullah joyfully welcomes our new Poetry Editor, Melody Newey Johnson. We will all be the beneficiaries of her sound judgment, keen observations of the world, her fresh images and bold disclosures about life and truth through words placed just so. We are so excited to have her to help another set of poets improve, grow, reveal and enlighten us! If you’ve been contemplating submitting poetry for Segullah’s consideration, now’s the time – and spread the word! Welcome, Melody!

And now Melody speaks for herself:

I have followed Segullah since its inception and I’m honored and delighted to become part of the staff as Poetry Editor.

I earn a living as a registered nurse, and I live to write. Unless I’m not in the mood. Then I fret about time spent not writing – which I submit as proof I’m a “writer.” I am a non-academic, community poet. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. I hope the advantages shine through in my role as Poetry Editor. You can be the judge(s).

I’m devoted to the art of poetry and I believe art – literary and otherwise – will heal and save us. (Thank you, Jesus!) This makes Segullah a powerful instrument.
I’m committed to making space for women’s voices, all varieties of voice, and especially Mormon, Latter-day Saint women’s voices. Poetry allows us to speak certain truths in new and often unexpected ways. I cherish the unexpected and the inexplicable emergences of poetic expression.
Literary bio-wise, my work has been published in a number of anthologies, and in online and print journals, including Segullah. Hurray! I’ve been involved in collaborative art exhibits and have served as previous poetry editor for Exponent II. I’m in process of submitting my first poetry manuscript to a few publishers. I received my first rejection, from Two Sylvias Press, and it made me giddy. Writing is hard. Submitting is harder and I love it! I want to help women like me find a home at Segullah for their soul-expanding work.
Finally, I believe in God. I believe in words. I believe in Jesus. I’m deeply, spiritually feminist. I’m a Jesus feminist and a devout Latter-day Saint, which isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding. I look forward to knowing the Women of Segullah better and better. Love and blessings to all.

About Linda Hoffman Kimball

Linda Hoffman Kimball is an artist, writer, photographer, and poet who grew up as a faithful Christian near Chicago, & joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1971 while at Wellesley College near Boston. Early on she assumed that all Latter-day Saints were articulate, inquisitive, faithful, and socially engaged since her role models in the University wards in Cambridge, MA., were. Her husband says she is “fluent, but not native” in Mormon-ese. She is a founding member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government.

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