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Peculiar Treasures: Odd Pairings

By Kellie Purcill

[Clive Birtles at the wheel of the car with the dog, Wowser]

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Our First Draft Poetry is By Lara this week.


Hoping still,
like tungsten, like granite—it’s so hard
and yet I need to find
a softened place
to keep a bit of earth
so ancient
so fresh.

A legume underneath
the false protection I’m wrapped in,
tendrils woven
as I am held up,
held back by this
slicing pain.

I cannot be more—
alone, waiting for the density
to slide away
and through it all I
wedge the door
hoping still.

About Kellie Purcill

lives way on the other side of the planet in her native Australia and gives thanks for the internet regularly. She loves books, her boys, panna cotta, collecting words, being a redhead and not putting things in order of importance when listing items. She credits writing as a major contributing factor to surviving her life with sanity mostly intact, though her (in)sanity level is subject to change without warning.

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