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Peculiar Treasures: Short, Sweet and Heavy

By Kellie Purcill

Hands up if you have an Instagram account? This Instagram account for Hipster Barbie pokes a lot of fun and questions at how real some photos and hashtags are.

Whatever your clan, social media of choice or Sabbath tradition, consider what church people really need to know about once churched people.

Can your kids cook more than cereal and pop tarts? A discussion on the importance of teaching your kids to cook.

Utahn authors share some of their favourite picture books for kids and adults alike.

So with all the cooking and picture book recommendations, is that quality time? This op-ed suggests quality time is a myth.

A tiny boy was both lost and found by the world this week. A thoughtful piece on how we each could be refugees.


About Kellie Purcill

lives way on the other side of the planet in her native Australia and gives thanks for the internet regularly. She loves books, her boys, panna cotta, collecting words, being a redhead and not putting things in order of importance when listing items. She credits writing as a major contributing factor to surviving her life with sanity mostly intact, though her (in)sanity level is subject to change without warning.

1 thought on “Peculiar Treasures: Short, Sweet and Heavy”

  1. Thank you so much for article "Refugees who could be us". Somewhere in our family we are all refugees. Fantastic reminder!


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