Eating Rules! No, this isn’t a link to kale smoothies or “never eat anything bigger than your head” type wisdom, but some morsels to chew on. Like how balanced is your tech diet? Far from crying doom and catastrophe from their e-soapbox, this examines with empathy and prompting questions just what our tech diet may be doing to us and those around us. Eating would be front and centre in my mind when I eventually find myself in a French bakery, and the sale of this French boulangerie for ONE – yes, one! – Euro is just as wonderful to consider. (Breaking news: looks like the sale won’t be going through after all, after a firing…)

Here Bookie Wookies!  No, this isn’t a lead-in to the latest Star Wars teaser trailer, but some warm and fuzzy bookish finds.  Ever wondered what librarians do when the doors close? I wouldn’t take this video as canon, but these librarians have really put their best moves and costumes into this musical parody (and the internet!) last year as part of the US “National Book Week”.  Speaking of years – would you believe it’s been TEN years since the release of The Book Thief?  I can’t, though the upcoming 10-year anniversary special edition mentioned in this discussion of the creation and reaction to The Book Thief stole my attention immediately.

Does Hindsight Make My Bum Look Big?  No, this isn’t about delightful missed interpretations, but about the getting of wisdom.  The advice here is earnestly given by all ages, including tips involving Lego, viking hats, racing cars and dentures from those “wiser” – I can’t pick a favourite! Then, some parents learning about their daughters, who at 27 are unmarried and called “leftover women”. This short clip explains the term, the pressures, and then shows the Marriage Marketplace where the hearts of some parents are turned to their daughters, for and by their daughters.  Learning from the past and looking forward, the need for artists and arts majors in digital and technological companies focusses on particular skills such as listening, empathy, vision and more.

Climbing Family Trees Results in Nuts and Splinters! Ever thought of the family trees of bacteria? Of giraffes?  Well, this newly unveiled scientific “Tree of Life” shows the connection of life on the planet.  Asking people about what sort their family tree is, or what it looks like can lead to some very unexpected answers.  The sleuthing involved in tracking down the clues from a funeral verse in this grandmother’s Bible lead to family hurts, generosity of spirit, and personal reflection.

This weeks First Draft Poetry is by Kel, inspired by a couple of treasures.

Leftovers Poem 17-4-16


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  1. Lisa

    April 18, 2016

    LOVE your poem, Kel!

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