The Colour/Color Blue: ever looked deeply into someone’s eyes? There’s a little bit more (or, strictly speaking, less) to blue eyes than you may think!  Did you ever watch Bob Ross? I lived on the wrong side of the planet when he was first broadcast, but he lives on over at YouTube, and in remixes like this groovy little tune – let’s have some happy little clouds!

Book Detecting and Distribution:  Did you want to be a detective, just like Nancy Drew? Solve crimes and mysteries, like the Famous Five? These kids have started their own detective agency, already solving crimes.  This 11 year old girl stopped complaining and instead started the hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks to collect books and diverse stories – many of which are going to Jamaica.

The Award Goes To…: with the recent Oscars hoopla fresh in newsfeeds, here’s a look back at the award winning special effects from the past 37 years in one flashy montage. Be it science fiction or Shakespeare, the need of art in all its forms is encouraged in this piece, for the good of ourselves and humanity. Also, the winners of the 2015 AML Awards have been announced – congratulations to them, and happy reading/watching/listening to we who have missed some of the contenders.

Shall I Compare Thee To A Caramel?: When it comes to how certain words are pronounced, a whole lot of geography, culture and history interfere, and often laughter.  (Unfortunately this clip doesn’t try to pronounce Segullah…)  If a little bit of poetic caramel is required, how about Tom Hiddleston comparing you to a summer’s day, or Emma Thompson (or Bill Murray or Patrick Stewart and assorted famous actors) reading other verses to you?

Kitchen Kitsch: A manifesto against the curse of luxury kitchens proclaimed with tongue firmly in cheek (or licking white marble), and the oddly captivating creation of three tiny iced donuts from scratch and by (giant) hand.

The Edge of Bravery: The imagery of people hurting, struggling and enduring while wearing brave faces is sharp, yet also suggests things we can say to help. Here’s also a reminder that sometimes our difficulties are missing edges that would help with the coping, but we can still gather around and love nonetheless.

First Draft Poetry is by Kel this week, inspired by the poetry readings.

You Say

I can taste the words
you melt
the rasp and curl of your sigh
you husk
against my ear, again
you thrum
filling my half empty
…you suck.
my pulse and fists
you wait
we haven’t met, it seems
Please wait.

Do you have favourite movie montages, or people reading worlds aloud? What words do you say differently to others? How do you say Segullah?  Do you have any First Draft Poetry you’d like to share? Or maybe would like to submit to our journal?


  1. Elaine Mansfield

    March 7, 2016

    Thanks for including a link to my piece “The Missing Edge.” Best wishes from the other side of the world.

  2. Darwin

    March 7, 2016

    Hello Kelly!

    Oh…SO many montages! You’ve awakened a jumble of movie montages in my mind.

    Montages that inspired my exercising…of course the obligatory Rocky, Rocky II (I can still do my age in one hand push-ups…only impressive because I’m old 😉

    Rocky III, mostly because it was motivated by the loving wife kick-in-the-butt Adrian gives Rocky beforehand.

    Rocky IV because contrasts and mountains and music.

    Karate Kid (original) competition day montage (and I happened to meet William Zabka who played Danny’s arch rival Johnny, and he was a REALLY nice guy!)

    The “Go The Distance” montage in Disney’s Hercules because of the Micheal Bolton song…

    “When She loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan in Toy Story 2

    “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” in the original Footloose.

    In Ghostbusters…where the media becomes aware of them.

    Anthony Hopkins saying the words of C.S. Lewis…

    Gregory Peck speaking lines from TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD…


    Julia Ormond giving the narration over the opening montage in the 1995 film version of “Sabrina” accompanied by that alternately trickling, then cascading background music.

    Julia Ormond can read to me any day. All day long.

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