If you’re the competitive sort, and also the reader sort, you may like this 30 authors in 1 minute matching game.

If you are in the life of someone who reads, particularly kids and teens, this article explaining why boys should read “girl books” is compelling, and not a little unsettling.

Finally, a sweet little comic about a “Mom Knight”, who is asked by the king to slay a dragon. It is far from expected.

First Draft Poetry this week is by yours truly.


Don’t seek after dragons-

their fey booty bodies

are far beyond your want-more.

Instead hunt for the roar

caged by your ribs –

let your pulse out to explore.


  1. Sarah in Georgia

    May 2, 2016

    Kellie–your poem is stunning. Just what I needed this Monday before I get the kids up and going. Thank you for giving me something to think on today.

    • Kellie

      May 3, 2016

      Thanks Sarah! Have a great week!

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