Peculiar Treasures: The Ephemeral and Sublime

February 20, 2017

Find out which book is part of students’ required reading from 28 countries around the world, and while you may know some of the thousand-plus words added to the Mirriam Webster this year (like facepalm and binge-watch), or can guess the meaning of some (like Seussian), some others may be out of your conlang.

Regardless of your vocabulary, you have heart aches and feelings – lets prod them all with this article describing how idealizing motherhood hurts Mormon women, this video of a runner at a school carnival being cheered on and swamped by his classmates, and these pictures of kids and their giant furry friends.

If you seriously consider getting a search and rescue dog to help you find your keys, glasses or anything else you’ve misplaced, it’s good to know you’re not alone when things go missing. Something else missing from general knowledge at church is “the small and often overlooked group of African American Mormons who have been members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) almost since its founding on April 6, 1830”. Told in timelines and detailed biographies, it’s a fascinating resource to dive into and consider.

Also, please come revel and delight in the latest Segullah journal! Come join us in – as Terresa’s editorial says – “The unequivocal Yes. And a fleeting like the seasons we can lean into. Challenging? Absolutely. But also ephemeral and sublime.”

February 21, 2017