Psalm of the Everyday Woman

By Elizabeth Pinborough

  1. Let me come to Your good garden, Lord,

open Ye her gates. Nurture me there, Lord,

my soul is cast down.

  1. Till in my heart, Lord, rows of good earth,

brim with seeds and watered with Thy grace.

  1. You are the Gardner, Lord, keep Thou my feet,

planted in rows, rooted in grace.

  1. I am Your plant, Lord.
  2. Grow me good and strong. Give me pure light, Lord,

and nourish my roots.

  1. You are the Water, Bread, and Life; Light and Truth,

Foot Lamp and Sword. Pure is Your Word.

  1. Pure is Your light. Purest waters running down.
  2. You Are Honeycombe-Drinker, Bee-Fashioner,
  3. Heart’s Cartographer, Compass-Center,
  4. Physician of Mercy, Sure Midwife,
  5. Soul’s Arborist, Brother & Friend,
  6. Caritas. He of the Broken Wing.
  7. Cast Your Piercing Eye into the dark of my life, Lord.
  8. Please,  
  9. Map the Way out of mayhem.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash.

About Elizabeth Pinborough

Elizabeth is a Salt Lake City poet who believes in miracles. Her current project is a book of dialogic poems about Bible stories that explores conflicting voices in scripture. She writes about her experience with brain injury on her blog www.theartofstriving.com.

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  1. “Physician of Mercy, Sure Midwife,
    Soul’s Arborist, Brother & Friend,”

    Yes. You captured Him perfectly. Thank you.


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