Recipe for Salt

By Rosalyn Ostler

Recipe for Salt


Common as a brown grocery bag,

she walks the days

with an inner stillness.

Surrounded by color and sound,

her movement, imperceptible

as a cloud, draws no attention.

In a bowl of peaches and kiwi,

she is the apple.

But occasionally someone notices

the tart bite of juice.

Like a gray speckled stone

inconspicuous beside the path,

she catches a spark of sun,

reflects brilliance to an occasional eye.

She is the one who listens,

the one who remembers.

Originality has no formula.


About Rosalyn Ostler

Rosalyn Ostler, born in Phoenix, settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, got permanently snagged by poetry mid-life. She found her husband in Utah; and they have seven children, a slew of grands and greats. She has earned awards and been published in multiple places. She is a co-author of By the Throat, and her book Walking the Earth Barefoot won publication by the Utah State Poetry Society. Rosalyn is an involved member of UTSPS and NFSPS. Her “other life” includes volunteer teaching of children and youth and past experience in Boy Scouting.

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