Margaret Blair Young

Margaret Blair Young teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University. Her ancestors Ira and Angeline Noble Hinckley were in Jane Manning James’s ward (the First Ward) in Salt Lake City.

Cindy Clark

Cindy Clark lives in Provo, Utah. She is the mother of nine children and twenty-eight grandchildren. Currently, she is working toward a degree in American studies at Brigham Young University. She loves to travel with her husband and gets really nervous when the Yankees are playing.

Rebecca Rice Birkin

While in school, Rebecca contemplated being a writer, a lawyer, or a dentist. Her BA in English and JD from the University of Utah has given her the chance to dabble in the first two. Her only dentistry experience came while accidentally extracting her son’s loose incisor with a toothbrush. She feels grateful she can …

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Brecken Chinn Swartz

Brecken lives in Greenbelt, Maryland with her bishop and two lovely cats. She is currently working as a TV producer for the Mandarin Chinese Service of the Voice of America, the United States’ international broadcast network, while slogging wearily up the never-ending mountain of a PhD in communication. She is adamantly opposed to becoming a …

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Lani B. Whitney

LANI WHITNEY lives with her husband Lance and their five children in Twin Falls, Idaho. She earned an English degree from BYU, and is currently a busy and happy full-time mother. She loves waterskiing (between pregnancies!), journal writing, learning about healthy eating, trying to parent better, and walking for exercise.

Elona Knighton

Elona grew up near the small farm community of Moore, Idaho. She and her husband live in Orem, Utah. If you would like more details about her experiences, please go to her website at www.ourfamilysaga.byu.edu. You may also contact her at ourfamilysaga@hotmail.com.

Christine Anne Vick

Christine was born in Switzerland, raised in Orem, Utah and is now settled in Massachusetts with her husband and three children. She has a BA and MA in English from Brigham Young University. Someday she’d love to get a PhD and take a professional pastry course.

Erica Merrell

Erica has a degree in international relations from BYU and met her husband while they were studying Arabic in Jerusalem. They both enjoy studying the Muslim world and living in interesting places. She likes to read, do traditional handicrafts like spinning and hand quilting, and watch geysers erupt.

Marie Brian

Marie Brian lives in Woodland Hills, Utah; is married to a bespectacled redhead; plays the guitar badly; suffers from nose-in-a-book syndrome; and wishes that her three children had British accents.

Brenda K. Craner Benedict

Brenda and her husband, Stan, served a mission in the Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission and returned in June 2005. They have been blessed with seven children and fourteen grandchildren, (five of whom were born during the mission!). Serving a mission is a lot like being a mom, says Brenda, “It is the best, easiest, …

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