Sara G

Sara is a member of Segullah’s editorial board.

Michelle Linford

Michelle Linford lives in Utah with her brilliant husband and three amazing children. When she’s not busy taking care of her family, you can find her writing, reading, or connecting with friends. She also loves playing tennis and eating Italian food.

Rosalyn Ostler

Rosalyn Ostler, born in Phoenix, settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, got permanently snagged by poetry mid-life. She found her husband in Utah; and they have seven children, a slew of grands and greats. She has earned awards and been published in multiple places. She is a co-author of By the Throat, and her book …

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Dalene Rowley

Began blogging as a legitimate way to avoid housework and to keep a journal of sorts. In her other life she wants to be excellent at a number of things, but in this one she’s settling for baking a mean sour cream lemon pie, keeping most of the points on her quilt blocks in line, …

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Cheri Schulzke

In her previous life, Cheri survived BYU’s music undergrad and English master’s programs. Now she keeps busy with her four kids, two in junior high and two younger ones who homeschool. In her “spare” time, she reads as often as possible, writes occasionally, and plays piano even less (though she loves them all). Cheri enjoys …

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