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Sabbath Revival: “Origin of the Species”

By Catherine Pavia


I thought Kathy Soper’s post “Origin of the Species” would be an interesting post to revive, given that Meet the Mormons opened in theaters this weekend!

Origin of the species
October 25, 2010 Daily Special, Kathryn Soper

Mormons are named for the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is named for the prophet/historian Mormon.

The prophet/historian Mormon was named for the land of Mormon.

The land of Mormon was named by a malevolent king.

The land of Mormon is where one of the king’s wicked priests became a prophet.

The land of Mormon had a forest-fringed fountain of pure water, called the waters of Mormon.

The waters of Mormon is where said prophet secretly baptized hundreds of believers emerging from apostasy.

So, “Mormon” signifies a place of purity surrounded by danger; a place where a fallen people were removed from evil and filled with grace; a place named by a degenerate man and hallowed by a repentant one.

Sounds just about right.

What does “Mormon” mean to you?

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