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Shake my hand, thought you had a friend

By Kathyrn Lynard

I’ll be signing copies of The Mother in Me at Seagull Book tomorrow as part of their “Celebrating Sisterhood” event. Would love to meet you and give you big smooches!

Okay, maybe just a handshake.

Saturday, September 27


316 N Marketplace Dr, Centerville


1720 S Redwood Rd., SLC

About Kathyrn Lynard

(Founding Editor) is the author of the memoir The Year My Son and I Were Born (Globe Pequot Press, 2009) and the editor of four published anthologies. She contributes to Mormon forums from Meridian Magazine to Sunstone on a variety of topics including gender issues, disability, mental health, sexuality, family life, and spirituality.

6 thoughts on “Shake my hand, thought you had a friend”

  1. Aw, shucks. Thanks William. Buy me a plane ticket and I'm there!

    Andrea, I'll be in Orlando as soon as Disneyworld starts paying the big bucks for me to sing "it's a small world" in Greek.

    Not that I know any Greek.

    And Kaimi, be afraid. Be very afraid.


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