Seasons of Change

Joining the Mormon Church, or re-examining our faith, falling in love or sharing a marriage bed for many years; sending children out on their own or taking estranged parents back into our lives; illness, divorce, and new careers- all of these changes (and more) force us to examine, regroup and adapt. Some of our most challenging changes have also brought us newfound abilities, more empathy, and more capacity to connect with each other. Our new worlds of understanding, and the words we use to share them, bring us together wherever we are.
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Dance with Them

Enjoyable as a sequel to The Mother in Me, as well as a stand-alone volume, this anthology of personal essays and poetry begins on the first notes of middle childhood and concludes with the finale of high school graduation. Its pages explore a wide variety of turning points that come in the outward motion of family life and the inward dynamics of personal growth. The dance of motherhood is often more of a stumble. But with candor, insight, and the pages reveal that even the clumsiest of dancers have moments of grace.

The Mother In Me

The significance of motherhood “is not just in the sentimental ways we talk about on Mother’s Day,” writes the editor Kathryn Soper, “but in the gritty, lovely, everyday realities of life.” The volume speaks frankly about health crises, identity crises, and sanity crises, as well as the fruits of such struggles: insight gained, hearts expanded, and faith increased.