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Strawberry Moments Forever

By Kathryn Paul

strawberry-dessert1I must confess that I’m not crazy about chocolate. I am a fresh berry addict. I endure the pepper steak with mango chutney at the Tree Room, just so I can order the most divine dessert in the gastronomic galaxy: sweet and juicy strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries floating in a sea of crème anglaise. Why would any sane person order the warm chocolate truffle cake with rocky road ice cream and almond caramel sauce? So when my adult daughter complained that her job was agonizingly dull, it wasn’t surprising that my nurturing muse inspired me while I nibbled on a fresh strawberry. I created a list of all my fresh strawberry moments during the previous 24 hours and e-mailed them to my daughter:

1. I had an unexpected fresh strawberry moment while watching Oprah on Earth Day. Oprah’s guests included Julia Roberts and Julia’s super green friend. Julia’s friend brought the large container she keeps in her kitchen filled with dirt and a battalion of worms, so that the worms can devour leftover food. Their poop creates great fertilizer for our gardens! When Earth Mother lifted the lid, the entire squirm of worms had oozed to the top and began crawling out of the container, invading Oprah’s pristine set. Oprah FREAKED out and Julia Roberts began laughing hysterically because her friend had no idea why her usually well-behaved worms were having a mutinous moment on national television. I’m not sure I made a connection with my inner Earth Mother, but I did enjoy laughing with Julia Roberts. It was definitely a fresh strawberry moment.

2. I had a fresh strawberry moment during the family prayer when my son shared something so sincere and sweet with his Heavenly Father that I wanted to weep for joy.

3. My voice lesson provided a fresh strawberry moment. As I sang the lyrics about my spirit flying back to a place of peace, I felt a poignant longing for my REAL home. I think my spirit was thinking, “YES! Let’s get out of here….this is NOT heaven. What are we doing in this telestial dump anyway?”

4. I felt joy during my LIVING WATER lesson for activity day. I got the idea when a sealer taught that “everything in the temple is symbolic. Even the fountains in front of the temple are symbolic.” My eleven-year-old primary class sat on a bench near the temple fountain and the girls amazed me with their ability to think metaphorically as we pondered the possibilities. We felt peace flowing through us like liquid light. The girls begged to stay longer on the temple grounds. It was better than the most divine dessert in the gastronomic galaxy.

The rest of my 24 hours may have been monotonous, but it didn’t matter. I feasted on my fresh strawberry moments and I felt happy. Fresh strawberry moments offer serenity and help me embrace the soggy oatmeal rhythm of life…

What are your sources of fresh strawberry moments? Or even warm chocolate truffle cake moments?

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13 thoughts on “Strawberry Moments Forever”

  1. Thanks for this lovely post. It's my birthday and so just reading it was a fresh strawberry moment! I always feel extra happy on my birthday!

    Also, when my two year old wakes up (in the crib in our room) she always sits up and stretches and says, "I wake up, mommy." It is such a beautiful way to start my day. She is at such a cute stage now that my husband and I often just grin at each other as we enjoy those fresh moments seeing her grow and learn.

    I hope for more "living water" type moments with my family. I love that you took your girls there and made the temple's symbolism come to life.

    Have a happy day filled with "fresh strawberry" moments. By the way, I like chocolate okay (sometimes more than others), but the way you feel after eating berries seems more joy-filled than just pleasure-filled. Healthier, I guess!

  2. This was glorious, Kathryn.

    I just read a talk by Elder Callister entitled "Our Refined Heavenly Home": about inspiring writing, music, and art. Apparently, President David O. McKay "referred to the grand masters of literature as the 'minor prophets' (p 56 June 2009 Ensign)". Your fresh strawberry moment #3 reminded me of how powerful the arts can be in our day to get us back into a good mood.

    Other fresh strawberry moments for me include pink sunsets, my sons chubby arms wrapped around me, my husband sharing inspiration from the Holy Ghost, seeing prayers answered, noticing being pain free, a temple session, yummy smells like lavender, a new haircut,etc. Thanks for helping me focus on these happy things.

  3. 1. My 2 yo son's cute way of talking (he ennunciates very well), and the cute things he says. Yesterday it was "oopsies" and singing "Mamma Mia! Here go again."
    2. Connecting with someone on a deeply spiritual level.
    3. Having answers and assurance that you've been praying for nearly jump out of the scriptures and hymnbook and smack you over a series of a couple of weeks.
    4. Cool, rain-scented fresh breezes.
    5. REAL emails in my inbox.

  4. Hey sis! Had some joy filled moments today on our favorite hike here in Oregon. The Silver Fall loop with a pack of 4th year YW campers. Lingered to shoot some pics of the two waterfalls we went to. It was wonderful and even though it was a cold rainy night in a tent, those moments were worth it.

    P.S. My hubby is a worm composter…their pee is called worm tea and the plants just love it. We just discussed this with a tableful of girls at McDonalds, so it's funny to come back and read your blog the same day!

  5. Your comments were fresh strawberry moments for me today. Happy Birthday Sage! The moments everyone shared with their young children brought back precious memories. My kids are all adults now, but they still provide fresh strawberry moments. A recent missionary homecoming is what stands out in my mind…

    Rosie, I should have known your husband would be a worm composter. I even looked up the correct word for a bunch of worms. The term "a squirm of worms" was actually created at a conference for worm composters.

    Scholarstastic- my song was the folk song "To the Sky" — but I'll have to see if Schumann's "Mondnacht" is in my range. I love music that I can emotionally connect to… Thanks for the tip!

  6. A dozen fresh strawberry moments:

    1. Unexpected phone calls from my adult children
    2. Spontaneous hugs from my husband
    3. Little bits of inspiration
    4. Someone new commenting on my blog
    5. A favorite song from the past coming up on the radio
    6. The sound of the ocean…or even a babbling brook
    7. My mom's homemade oatmeal bread
    8. The smell and feel of Fall in the air
    9. Writing a poem that says exactly what I mean
    10. Today's combo: bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, and tall green trees
    11. Being moved to tears
    12. Erupting in laughter

    ….and many more.

    Thanks for reminding me of them!


  7. Kathryn, I loved this. My strawberry moments yesterday were:

    -reading with my husband on the porch after the kids were in bed
    -folding warm baby laundry
    -pulling up to a warm and lighted house in the dark

  8. In no particular order:

    * Mail from loved ones
    * Happy, freshly bathed children
    * Happy, pain-free husband
    * Confirmations from the Spirit
    * Being uplifted by righteous things and people
    * Early mornings (the clean air, cool breeze, etc)
    * Clean home
    * Hearing good and positive news
    * Babies!

  9. – When totally awesome women post articles full of joy!

    – Feeling the Spirit in church, VTing, FHE…

    – Having one of my children see, recognize, and thank Heavenly Father for a tender mercy!
    – Seeing Heavenly Father's hand in all things!!!!!

  10. Thanks for a lovely new image/metaphor. It makes me want to go out and create some fresh strawberry moments right now!

  11. When my kids giggle together, or I hear my daughter reading to her little brother, those are great moments for me. Or a successful FHE, when my kids get into the spirit of the lesson… those are good moments too. I love the metaphor, Kathryn.


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