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By Andrea Rediske

cover1If you’re like me, you log in to Segullah every day for a little dose of laughter, tears, insight, and a feeling of sisterhood. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to lug your computer to the potty, the doctor’s office, or the line at the bank. We have the perfect solution for you! Subscribe now to Segullah’s in-print literary journal and keep us in your purse, your car, or at your bedside (or even the bathroom!). Segullah makes an excellent Mother’s day gift for your mother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, or any special woman in your life including yourself.

* As of the summer of 2012, subscriptions are no longer available.


About Andrea Rediske

(Blog Team) is the proud mother of two living sons, aged 9 and 7, and Ethan, who passed away in early February 2014. She is currently working as a freelance science writer and blogger and will begin a PhD program in Science Education at the University of Central Florida in Fall 2014. When she's not juggling the laundry, her writing work, and the busy lives of her little boys, she likes to squeeze in a triathlon now and then. Also, her husband rocks.

3 thoughts on “Subscribe To Segullah!”

  1. Yay, I finally subscribed and am looking forward to some good reads and having my own copies of Leslie's art!


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