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Surprise! It’s a TUNNEL!!!!

By Melonie Cannon

Rosalyn Eves recently posted a short video to her facebook of the reactions of babies going through tunnels. At first, they are comfortable in their carseats reclining in the daylight – perhaps gazing out a window, looking at their parents, distracted, or even crying. The car they are riding in enters a tunnel and the darkness is instant. Their innocent countenances change just as quickly. They are shocked, afraid, surprised, overwhelmed, delighted, or frozen in complete awe of what has occurred. Beams from passing cars rhythmically illuminate their faces and their big, round eyes.

Surprises can catch us in the just the same way. Suddenly, we are thrown into a new environment and all we can do is stare ahead and wonder how it happened. Sometimes we look desperately for the light at the end of the tunnel in order to get out of the situation, but other times we are hypnotized by the transcendent beauty of the surprise – like walking with your head down around a corner of a new city and the high city blocks open up into a plaza where an orchestra is playing.

We tend to not remember the days that are boring. We are on the treadmills of our lives – waking, bathing, school, work, eating, sleep – but there are days when a surprise box is delivered to our doorstep. Those are the days we remember. I think of some of those moments of my life:

The day, as a child, when my Mom opened the front door and my Dad stood all tall and handsome with a suitcase in his hand. He was coming back to live with us after a year-long separation. He set down the suitcase and opened his arms.

The day I was supposed to go to the university when a letter was slipped under my door with a request to pack my swimsuit and go to the train station. I started that day on the coast of Italy eating cheese and good bread and ended it kissing under a lavender sunset.

It was the middle of the night when a small voice cried my name from the next room. It was the last word I heard my Grandma say. I ran in to find her small and turning cold.

After two years of trying to get pregnant, the test finally said yes. My first baby was coming. I was so overwhelmed I ran and ran and ran until collapsing on my knees.

The day the call came in that they finally figured out what had been wrong for so long. My Dad had stage-three colon cancer.

There are many more moments when I was overtaken by events and I caught my breath. I am grateful for them all.

If only we could think of each day as a surprise and a wonder – because how we react when we go into the daily tunnel of our life is what it is all about.

What is a surprise that threw you into a tunnel of blackness or beauty?

About Melonie Cannon

Melonie has surrounded herself with beautiful words for as long as she can remember. This led her to find a home with Segullah after writing an essay published in the May 2006 Segullah issue. She was invited to join the staff and has been a part of Segullah in various capacities since, including being the creator of the “Words Fall In” podcast.  She received her M.Ed from the University of Utah and was a certified Secondary English teacher before becoming a Mom of four. Over the years, her focus has been on natural healing modalities and becoming a sacred sound healing practitioner with a focus on the drum, rhythm, voice, and vibration. She is finishing her PH.D. in theology and metaphysics to further these studies and help women to connect to the divine within themselves.

3 thoughts on “Surprise! It’s a TUNNEL!!!!”

  1. I'm still awed by the tunnel of our unexpected move out of state and out of the fixed plan I had for myself.. New things are opening up- we are on track to become foster parents- a thing I never would have imagined years ago, but seemed right in this new place and at this unexpected time. Love your posts.

  2. Most of my surprises come through the Spirit. For instance, I am in the SFO airport now, waiting for a connecting flight home. I had my week all neatly planned, when I felt strongly compelled on Monday to fly across the country to visit my mom this week. She has Alzheimer's. I usually don't know what's at the end of the tunnel, but I've learned to trust Spirit and head into it fearlessly. Love your words, Mel.

  3. As I read your words I thought about the surprises in my life. Two stood out to me. One was when I was told my daughter had Down syndrome. Another was when this same daughter had a stroke 18 years later. At both of these times I felt as if we had entered a dark tunnel, yet with both we came out into dazzling brightness. Things that were overwhelming became part of life, fears were faced and amazing blessings were discovered. But I didn't know all that when I entered the tunnel, and even now if I think about those times the feelings I had then will swiftly come back, reminding me of the fears and miracles.


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