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…That Lovin’ Feeling?

By Andrea Rediske

Have you got it?  Have you lost it?  Are you still looking for it?  Then we want to hear from you!  Segullah is looking for submissions for our Spring 2010 issue themed, “Dating, Courtship, and Marriage.”  Our mission is to highlight a variety of women’s perspectives within a framework of shared beliefs and values.  So, whether you’re married, divorced, engaged, widowed, or navigating the single’s scene, here is your chance to tell us what you really think.  Have you found a groovy kind of love?  Is he killing you softly?  Are you and your husband hopelessly devoted?  Is he a mighty, mighty good man?  Are you looking for some r-e-s-p-e-c-t?  Are you a rock?  Are you an island?  Or is your heart all achy and breaky?

Submissions can be in the form of personal essay or poetry.   Please see our submissions guidelines here.  The deadline for submissions for the Spring 2010 issue is August 15th, 2009.  Come on ladies!  Tell us what you really, really want!  There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but the ways to explore this theme are endless!

Please comment below if there are any particular topics you would like to see addressed in this issue.

About Andrea Rediske

(Blog Team) is the proud mother of two living sons, aged 9 and 7, and Ethan, who passed away in early February 2014. She is currently working as a freelance science writer and blogger and will begin a PhD program in Science Education at the University of Central Florida in Fall 2014. When she's not juggling the laundry, her writing work, and the busy lives of her little boys, she likes to squeeze in a triathlon now and then. Also, her husband rocks.

7 thoughts on “…That Lovin’ Feeling?”

  1. Question: yes, we've published anonymously before. We have also published using a pseudonym. Either is fine.

    Sue: Hmmm. Not sure. I think we'd prefer it to be unpublished. And it's likely that even if it's been published before, our editorial board would have suggestions for revising it and polishing it further. We are compulsive like that. I'll get back with you. 🙂

    To everyone who wants to submit: woohoo! We want to read your essays! Please check out some of our past issues so you can get a feel for the type of essay we like to publish.

  2. Yes, we're willing to publish material "name withheld" if the subject matter is particularly sensitive. Using a pseudonym is also an option.

    Our emphasis is on previously unpublished writing, but we have reprinted on occasion.

    Further questions can be directed to the prose editor at segullah.prose@gmail.com

  3. Ah, the official policy on reprints, from Justine:

    "We can reprint something as long as the author has free reign of its use. They need to check with the publication they were contracted with the first time, or refer to their contract. If they have retained ownership of the piece, they can re-print it wherever they want. If, however, their contract states that they are selling the piece to the publisher, or if the publisher explicitly states re-printing rules, we should stay away from it."

  4. No, that doesn't count, and we have published those before. Quite a few, actually. But yeah, you'll probably want to rework it and add to it. Also everything that's submitted (even, or I guess especially)what's written by Segullah staff members, goes through an extensive revision process. It's fun to see the pieces evolve. Humbling, but fun too.


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