The Sparrow’s Defense

By Andrea Stacy

I was obediently silent,
my song shrouded for the night—
well, one note, or perhaps two, loosed
in response to the shafting moon
and a brief volley, quite accidental,
when the breeze swept by—

But when dawn shivered against
my breast, startling instinct,
I shot my quiver high
into the unsuspecting sky. What?

Fault? Not mine, that falling notes
pierced ears still at slumber.

About Andrea Stacy

Andrea is a native Californian who transplanted to Oregon 9 years ago. Writing has always been one of her delights, although poetry has taken a back seat in recent years while she worked on a collection of fables. This past year she has been busy creating a body of her unique fractal art, which is beginning to be seen in galleries of the Northwest. Andrea manages caring for her 84-year old mother and her own disabilities despite being tyrannized by her part-Norwegian forest cat.

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