Opting In to the Greater Vision

By Emily Milner

We’d imagined God’s wrath
would jolt us—pyrotechnic,
show-stopping apocalypse
commanding our attention.
So we missed the subtle
cease-striving, the slow
rotting away of root and
branch. We slept through
days of should-have-been
decision, opting out
of a greater vision
and into the rhythm, pounding
like the waves, of the sins
of each generation.

BY JAMES GOLDBERG (P. 9) (Click here for an excellent blog post which I discovered after I’d thought this one out.)

The first time I did temple work after my long pandemic-induced temple hiatus, I noticed one phrase as if it were the first time I’d ever heard it. Lest you think I’m quoting it blasphemously outside of its temple context, know that it’s been used in General Conference by Elder Holland here, as well as D&C 88:75: clean from the blood and sins of this generation.

I’ve been pondering that idea for months now.

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