You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Every Night

Today’s guest post comes from Orinda Darling. She is not the real author of this piece, but she was a real person living in 19th century America. Orinda is also the nickname given to Katherine Philips, 17th century poet and “apostle of female friendship”, according to Wikipedia. You don’t brush your teeth every night You …

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By Susan Stock Thomas

Fledglings   I. The daylight in the basement path to your older sister’s bedroom has always been dim, but on this late winter afternoon clouds repurpose the sun, silver cold seeps through the window frame, overlaying the memory of summer’s golden weeks.   When the cool was a refuge, I’d go to the basement to …

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Pocketsful Of Whimsy

By Kellie Purcill

For at least 97.364596% of the time I am a responsible adult, contributing to society and trying to be a decent human being.  I buy carrots, insist my children eat them, mop floors, study my scriptures and read lecturer-assigned journal articles, consider which politician to vote for in the coming elections, try not to swear when a tissue has disintegrated through the load of washing, obey the road rules, talk in usually complete sentences and participate in the constant, ever present hum and tumble of sensible grownupdom.

But I am always looking for an unexpected whimsy.

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Grown up Evenings

By Leslie Graff

I always had this image in my head of what it would be like when I was grown up, married, and had kids. After I tucked my darlings into bed, I pictured myself spending calm, quiet evenings sitting on a comfortable couch,  a good reading lamp by my side, while my husband and I engaged …

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