Words Fall In: A Segullah Podcast featuring Lisa Bickmore

By Melonie Cannon

Lisa Bickmore wields words like a master craftsman. In this interview, she describes her writing life, her connection to nature, her advocacy and the responsibility of an artist, and how her faith tradition seeps into her work. I edited the interview into two parts, so take the time to relish Lisa’s wisdom. I so enjoyed …

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This Is Your Task. You Are Called To It

By Megan Wilcox Goates

It happened while I was doing my physical therapist-prescribed workout in front of the TV. That’s when God spoke to me. I’m not much of a TV-watcher, except for the occasional Masterpiece series, which I will devour in a matter of days. Please do not disturb. Muchas gracias. The end. But when I’m grunting and …

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Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon #SendMartha

By Jennie LaFortune

Representation. Voice. Choice. Achievement. Potential. Expansion. Vision. These words have been reverberating in my mind and in our cultural and spiritual conversations lately. One public discussion currently going on at Utah’s Capitol Hill centers around Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, the first female state senator elected in the nation. She lived a textured, full life – …

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What He Needs

By Marintha Miles

It was the first time one of my best friends said, “Well, it’s not like you can expect them to give him his very own curriculum.” I stood in silence, my stroller next to hers as we prepared to walk home, batting my lashes, blinking and stunned. I didn’t bother to tell her, “Yes I …

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