Of Advent and Angels

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

This coming Sunday is the 3rd week of Advent. LDS liturgy (such as it is) tends to rotate more around General Conferences than the holy days the rest of Christianity acknowledges. (With the pandemic that’s all been upended even more.) Having grown up in a Protestant tradition, I fondly remember singing in the children’s choir …

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Woe and Joy

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

I am a reasonably healthy person. I am grateful for that every day. Especially on days when I am NOT well. There have been too many of those recently. After a recent delightful celebration, I broke out the next day with widespread red welts and itching so intense that surely Dante intended to name a circle of hell after it. The doctor recognizes it as a case of hives – such a bland name – and loads me up with antihistamines, creams and three different prescriptions. Three days later I’m itch-free. Thanks be to God and modern medicine.

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Angels at My Side: Two Stories

By Elizabeth Pinborough

The Errand of Angels I nearly squealed aloud when I read the quarterly theme: “The errand of angels.” I recognize the phrase from “As Sisters in Zion,” with the rest of the clause being, as you know, “is given to women, and this is a gift that as sisters we claim.” Yes, as women we …

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Of Angels and Their Errands: An Enumeration

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Any clean-up committee

nursery leaders and workers

early morning seminary teachers

especially the ones who scrape snow off their windshields and drive in the dark

and try to engage with sleepy, sullen teenagers

who likely won’t remember anything

Sunday bulletin writers and those who pass them out

greeters at the door with firm handshakes and broad smiles


packers of boxes and trucks for those moving out

preparers of meals for the newly arrived and the soon to depart

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The Errand of Angels, Yes. The Tongue of Angels, Hell No.

By Sandra Clark

This post is part of the quarter theme, “The Errand of Angels.” We welcome guest posts on the same topic through May. My brother says on your birthday you should take some time in the closet to get out all your swears for the year, every last one, and then emerge from the moral vocabulary …

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You and I Were the Angels

By Darlene Young

Our song was the lightning. We sang dazzling bright. To the prickling stars, to the sparkling air. Does music remind you of that diamond night? Though not yet embodied, we sang spirit light, Sang with the thrumming that quickened the air Our song was the lightning. We sang dazzling bright. We gave dancing voice to …

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Tongue of Angels

By Emily Milner

I felt her presence at my son Dale’s birth: I lay on the operating table, numb from the waist down, listening to the doctors chat as they performed my C-section. When I opened my eyes I could see the blue sheet raised in front of me, creating a sterile operating area from my belly mound. …

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