The Lost Percent. Early Returning Missionaries.

I got a text message yesterday asking for prayers for my friend’s missionary daughter. She is having some cognitive dissonance about the church and some doctrines and my friend is in a panic. My friend texted that her daughter’s position is “a difficult and dangerous spot for a missionary.” She’s worried. Her daughter is having …

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We are all apostate

By Rosalyn Eves

File:Woman beggar.jpg

Woman begging, by Tomas Castelazo

The man who sidled into the back of the rented Hungarian chapel was unprepossessing, at best. He was slightly built and dark-haired, wearing a cheap, white button-down shirt and nondescript pants. Certainly, there was nothing in his appearance to explain why the elders straightened to attention, why my companion and I exchanged knowing glances. The members had noticed his arrival, too. A slight rustle and murmuring swept through the small congregation.

The elders had brought an investigator with them that Sunday. I wondered what the young man would make of the newcomer’s inevitable testimony about the truth of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s calling—and the apostasy of every prophet since.

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the place in between

By Michelle Lehnardt

Nothing gets those hands flying in Relief Society like a question about apostasy. Our instructor is a lovely woman but she couldn’t control the poisonous labels flung toward the chalkboard– Prideful! Materialistic. Angry. Bitter. Dark. Adulterous. Unfaithful!

I twisted anxiously in my seat, staunching the temptation to scan the faces around me, because who knew–who could possibly know?– whom among us is passing through their own personal wilderness of doubt.

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