Under New Management

By Michelle Lehnardt

After 3 1/2 years of creating, nurturing and expanding the horizons of Blog Segullah, our fabulous editor, Maralise Peterson is handing her baby to new co-editors co-slaves, Leslie Graff and Michelle Lehnardt. Happily, Maralise will remain as Art Editor of the Segullah Journal and will remain an active participant in Blog Segullah(and you can always catch her at TheReluctantNomad).

Placing her own pursuits on hold, Maralise worked tirelessly with our blogmaster and techno genius, Johnna, to create this fabulous place to gather, learn and grow. And you– the Segullah community– also parented this baby into maturity.  Blog Segullah would be NOTHING without the thoughtful participation and comments of its readers. I believe Blog Segullah is the best place on the internet for intelligent, polite discussion of gospel and mothering topics. My motto for teaching Sunday School is “I provide an outline– the class provides the insights.” And Segullah is the same. Your comments, your experiences, enrich everyone who reads them.

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