Eating trendy

By Shelah Miner

The year was 1989. I was fourteen, wearing black and white pegged plaid pants, a fair isle Christmas sweater in red, green, black and white, and my bobbed hair was pulled back in a black and white plaid headband. And I can pretty much guarantee that we ate something topped with raspberry vinaigrette or walnut oil at the holiday table. In 1989, in Connecticut, everything was drenched in raspberry vinaigrette and walnut oil.

I haven’t seen a bottle of raspberry vinaigrette in years. The ones in my pantry were replaced by Asian sesame and balsamic vinaigrettes. I’m sure the bottles of walnut oil in my mom’s pantry went rancid decades ago.

These foods are on my mind this morning because I’ve been thinking about butternut squash soup. I know, it’s a far cry from raspberry vinaigrette, but bear with me for a moment.

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