My Marriage Can’t Measure Up to Instagram

By Michelle Lehnardt

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Early morning hiking/running/walking promotes honesty and this morning my friend was feeling particularly blunt, “Did you see Sue’s Instagram last night?” she asked, “The one where she talks about how her husband planned every detail of their family vacation down to train tickets, car rentals (look at this site for exciting offers) and rain ponchos? Ugh, all I asked of my husband this summer was to plan one vacation for our family and he never did.”

I had to laugh just a little, because Sue happens to be another one of my hiking/running/walking friends and I happen to know her marriage contains it’s own conflicts and stresses.

Don’t misunderstand me, we don’t spend our mornings husband-bashing, in fact we pointedly avoid the practice, but these are two of my closest friends and I know their joys and sorrows.

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