Immediately, a poem

By Elizabeth Pinborough

I saw a man once, clustered with people, walking with multitudes. He had a certain glory about him, the glow reserved only for little children and those who have known great hardships. The dust sprang up around his sandals and clung to the hem of his garment. A group of people, officious, intruding, huddled near …

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Man With Pitcher

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Man With Pitcher Luke 22:10-12   I think all days have been the same— dry days of bread, of shuffling to synagogue, and back to empty rooms.   Today, a moth flitted around my ear, settled on my shoulder: Make ready.   From nowhere, from the dusty air, a purpose moves my feet to some …

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Why These Women in Jesus’ Genealogy?

By Julie M. Smith

MOST READERS of Matthew’s Gospel take one look at that first page full of “begats” and impossible-to-pronounce names and quickly turn the page. But Matthew was a deliberate writer; he didn’t begin his gospel with a boring list, but rather with a selective portrait of the progenitors who made Jesus. Perhaps the most interesting facet of …

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