2013 Whitney Romance Finalist Recap

By Emily Milner

second chancesI enjoyed reading all of the 2013 Whitney Romance Finalists. Romance is not always my favorite genre, but these were fun, with solid writing and good character arcs. Any criticisms are a bit petty but in a way, it’s a mark of respect: these books are good enough to withstand my pickiness, and if you’re looking for just one Whitney category to read, this is a strong choice (although, to be fair, I could say that about most of the cagtegories. It’s been a good year.)

Melanie Jacobson’s Second Chances is a spin off of her excellent book The List, a Whitney finalist in 2011. Louisa decides to produce a Mormon Bachelor web series, but when her chosen bachelor bails at the last minute she must ask her ex boyfriend to step in. It’s no secret that Louisa will end up with him, but getting there is a lot of fun.

I always love Melanie Jacobson’s distinctive voice–strong, unique voice can often be a challenge for writers of LDS fiction, and she’s great at giving her protagonists personality. Also, I must confess that if I were to judge this category solely on the basis of how much housework I neglected to read the book, Second Chances would win hands down.

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