The Other B Word

By Terresa Wellborn

Once upon a time two sisters moved to a new city. They were twelve and fourteen. Their new city was a land of foreign prairies and sprawling freeways, wide and open spaces. Being Mormon, they attended their new red brick church house, hoping to make friends. They were met with kindness from many, but from …

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When a Three Letter Word Becomes a Four Letter Word

By Marintha Miles

When I was nine my grandma made me a quilted fabric book bag, the kind with two handles that I swung back and forth on my way to and from school, ducking under the chestnut tree and brushing past the untrimmed lilac bush on the corner of Main Street and 850 North. The lilac print …

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Dark Glass, Energy of Heart

By Emily Milner

The little boy who sits next to my first grader daughter has been bugging her. “He calls me a baby,” she said. “He says I’m just a little cry-baby. In the lunch line, every day.”

“People who make fun of other people are usually insecure themselves,” I said. A little too intensely, and it came off as cheap psychology, but I meant it. “We should probably feel sorry for him because he doesn’t know how to be kind.”

She nodded a little. Then a few days later she said “That boy is calling me baby again.”

“He’s probably insecure,” I said.

“No, he’s not,” she answered. “I know because I asked him if he was, and he said no.”

I laughed. But she wasn’t supposed to ask him. She was supposed to… I don’t know what. Take my advice and see the kid more clearly, understand where he’s coming from, so that she wouldn’t be bugged by him anymore. She’s only six, and that’s a tall order for six.

Tall order for thirty-three as well.

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