How to: Keep a “Journal”

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

freezer door journal

What are your most creative ways of journal keeping? Could cell phone images of your freezer be the most accurate way of depicting you life? Is a more formal option too intimidating? Are you terrified at the prospect that “angels may quote from” your Facebook postings through the eternities? Back in 1975 when President Spencer W. Kimball referred to keeping journals could he have envisioned the “branding” we can create for ourselves in a digital age?

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Life As A Dance

By Kellie Purcill

At this time of year in Australia, all kids are back in school after Summer holidays, the mad dash of organising stationery lists, uniforms, classes and text books has faded to a frustration tinged memory, and routines are getting re- or newly established.

I’m rubbish with routines. Sure, my household has a definite dance number when it comes to our habits and daily to-do lists, which on any given day we sway to, boot scoot through or krump over, but my personal, well-rehearsed daily number is an interpretive dance called “Put the biggest fires out first, quick!” This spectacular requires stomping, scurrying, whirlwind styled pirouettes, frequent tongue biting or forehead slapping at remembering the bits I just forgot, and quite often the grand finale is me tripping over and slamming to a tangled, wince-inducing stop.

I need to learn a new dance. Some bluesy little number to shimmy around my kitchen to, a jazzy routine to bop along to at the traffic lights. New steps, exciting dips and maybe the odd Charleston thrown into the mix.

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Life, Punctuated

By Brooke Benton

The big kids are off to school for the day and I have exactly 60 minutes to write this before I take my oldest to the orthodontist. My five-year-old is by me, silly and loud and distracting playing Just Dance 2, and she calls me over and I am sorely tempted because have you played that game?

OK, focus. I need to get this done.

But I hear the first strains of Holiday and relent.

I win by a landslide. She whines that I always win. I want to tell her that I wasn’t even trying because it’s still early and hello—no bra! But I just apologize and come back to the computer…


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