Do Holes Make You Unholy?

By Brooke Benton

I am so lost in the Isaiah chapters of Gospel Doctrine that I’m almost embarrassed, and so I sit in the back of the classroom, near a door, claiming “baby distraction,” or possible “baby emergency,” all the while not following the discussion in the least. Till a couple of weeks ago, when a woman raised her hand and said, “When I was little, we had to stay in our church clothes all day on Sunday. Mothers these days want their kids out of their Sunday clothes so that they stay clean. Then the kids put on play clothes and the mothers wonder why they misbehave.”


Is casual dress really that significant? Would my children really be little angels if I dressed them as such? Is it so basic as not letting them run around in their nightgowns and flannel bottoms all morning? Is that what’s causing such a ruckus at our house?

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