Everyday Achievement Award Goes To…

By Kellie Purcill

  It’s nearly the end of January and I can’t shake this idea: I’m going to give myself an Everyday Achievement Award. In past years I’ve given myself a report card, or focused on the misses. After all, I can easily think of  five goals I didn’t meet last year, goals I had written neatly …

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To Be or Not To Be In the Photos (This Christmas/Year/Life)

By Kellie Purcill

I took a lovely selfie on the weekend. I’d just had a make-up tutorial, and was looking (and feeling) awesome. I rarely take pretty photos – I’m just not built that way or so inclined. But the pretty opportunity present, so I took the pic, and entered into the philosophical question of our year – …

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Tell me something happy

By Michelle Lehnardt

It’s been a season of heartbreak. Strolling up and down the streets of my neighborhood I can describe the anguish in one house after the other:

a baby born still

a house under foreclosure after the loss of a job

a teenage son addicted to marijuana

a marriage broken by pornography addiction

the sudden death of a 36 year old father of four

debilitating depression

a sister with stage 4 cancer

a father who abandons his wife and children for the bed of his secretary.

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