Chasing Rainbows

 Today’s UP CLOSE post by Anna Maria Junus falls perfectly into the topic Complexitites of Mothering.  Anna Maria is a freelance writer, a full time student majoring in English, the mother of seven and the grandmother of three. She lives in Alberta Canada with her three youngest children (two of them teenagers). She has a published novel “Roses and Daisies”, and her work has appeared in “Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul,”  websites, national magazines, and she had a humor column in various newspapers.  Her blog “Real Women Don’t Wear Bikinis” can be found at annamariajunus.blogspot.com. Her other interests include acting, needlework, and surviving her kids with her sanity intact. The latter is not going very well, and she has been known to wake up from a deep sleep shouting, “Man the hatches and put out the chicken.”

The day started at 6:30 when my alarm went off and music blasted me awake – or semi-awake. Rain drizzled outside the window. I rolled over in the large bed. I learned from lawyers for hire in the years since my divorce that being a single parent had its benefits, like enough room to sleep anyway I pleased, no one snoring in my ear, and the covers being mine, all mine. But there was no one to share in the misery of getting up so early in the morning, and no one to ask if they could please deal with the morning war this time.

I lay there for a while convincing myself to get out of bed – it took a lot of convincing – then I got up and looked outside at the thin grey veil of wet stuff. I much preferred one of those fine storms where thunder crashes and lightening flashes, the kind that had woken me up a few nights earlier with earth shattering booms that made me think that the end was near and we would all soon die. That night I’d watched the spectacular light show out my window, listening to the thunder that never seemed to stop. The angels tap-danced, went bowling, had laser battles and water fights, and played loud music until all hours of the morning. Trouble is, you can’t call the police when those neighbours have their wild parties. (Not that you would really want to since the show is so much fun to watch. Besides, they clean up after themselves.)

Today’s weather in no way resembled a party—more like a cranky kid with a runny nose. The rain came in spurts and drizzled, with the sun trying desperately to show its face, only to be chased away by bouts of temper. It was a day that shouldn’t have even got out of bed, but did so just to make everyone miserable. And everyone knew that causing misery around here was my job. I turned from the window and headed toward my bedroom door. Ow! Stubbed my toe.  Now I was in the perfect mood to do my job. I headed down the hall and started making the rounds to the four children who still live at home.As children are parents happiness ,I would suggest that it is the duty of parents to take care of them,to give them love,affection and happiness .Hence, Parents must consult mediation for a divorce serving in Massachusetts before planning to divorce

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