By Lisa Meadows Garfield

I was having lunch with my friend, Sue, recently and we got to talking about our relationship with the LDS Church throughout our lives. We’re both Mormons in our 50’s, so our experience is long enough to make some general observations and comparisons. We’re both committed, practicing church members, but our underlying motivations differ. Or maybe …

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Mi Testimonio en Espanol

IMG_0304-001  Today’s guest post comes from Emily Johnson, who is currently figuring out life in the Southern Hemisphere as an English teacher in northern Peru. She completed her graduate studies at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah with a Master of Professional Communication degree. Johnson also is a contributing writer for Deseret News and Mormon Times. Johnson also is an award-winning artist, photographer, and scrapbooker. Samples of her work can be found at http://goldstarcreative.weebly.com. Besides Johnson’s “Fumbles in Faith” blog, she maintains a humorous blog about her life in Peru at www.peruvianpony.blogspot.com.  Hailing originally from Arizona, this desert native is not missing the typical Utah winter this year.

If someone would have told me this time last year that I would be bearing my testimony in Spanish in a ward in Peru, I would laughed out loud like Sariah from the Old Testament. Yet, at approximately 9:45 am this morning, I was doing exactly that.

For the last four months, I have lived in Piura, Peru as a college English teacher and I have been attending the Los Angamos ward in the Miraflores stake. While I do not speak or understand Spanish fluently, I do understand the Spirit and am grateful for my church membership as I’ve lived in Peru.

I have always enjoyed testimony meetings as a chance to reflect on my own thoughts and I have enjoyed sharing my testimony when the Spirit directs me to do so. I had the opportunity to share my testimony at an investigator’s meeting here in Piura but never in church.

My first fast Sunday in the ward was in August. I prepared a lengthy testimony and planned to share my testimony then, after only being in Piura for about 2 weeks. However, when it came down to it, I was too nervous and scared.

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Dragging Feet to Catching Stride

By Brooke Benton

Once upon a time I met a really funny girl who I was certain was to become my best friend.  She had a silly, easy breezy, lovely way about her—open eyes, real people jeans on, her hair hastily pulled up into a something-or-other type mom hairdo with an elastic. We met on the root-torn sidewalk of our bungalow-ed street, her walking a dog and two kids, me pushing a toddler in a jog stroller, our eyes mirroring curiosity.

We exchanged vitals: a greeting, a quip, a proper introduction of names and then she said,

“I’m in your ward you know…”

(She paused as I puzzled it over—she wasn’t new, I wasn’t new, I’d never ever seen her at church…)

“Yeah,” she continued with a smile, “We’re just doing the inactive thing right now.”

I laughed when she said it, but have suddenly adopted the phrase in the past few months. I say it to my husband, at bedtime, in this sort of pleading context:

“Aaron, can I just do the inactive thing for a while?”

Then, “WAH, WAH, WAH…”

(And, scene.)

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