Fill Your Heart with Love: Is it Selfishness or Self-Care?

By Sandra Clark

11:30 PM, 1:00 AM, 2:30 PM, or anytime really when I need some order before going to bed or preparing to work or guests, or leaving the house, I fix the pillows on the couch and fold the blanket just so. I know that they will get moved around as soon as someone else curls …

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To Toss or to Keep: Haiku on Decluttering

By Linda Hoffman Kimball


Since last March I have been sorting and culling through my belongings. This is primarily because of selling a home and moving after decades of accumulating “stuff.” Systematically trying to see what “sparks joy” also sparks ennui, longing, regret, trepidation and sometimes laughter. It’s enough to drive a person crazy. It’s a stark face off with childhood naivety and the realities of years of life’s complexities. It ties you to generations back in time and makes you wonder about the next generations for whom artifacts pale in comparison to digital records and thumb drives.

It is necessary. It is brutal. It is wrenching.

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