Can I Get A Witness?

By Leslie Graff

I hear voices, not regular voices per se, but a gospel choir. They sing to me in my head. They wear blue satin robes with white collars and are quite soulful. At various times throughout the day I hear…

“Can I get a witness, wit-ness
Can I get a witness, wit-ness”

They are clapping and swaying very enthusiastically. My children join in with me and my choir and we jive, clap, and sing in the kitchen often during dinner preparations. So either I have some deep unfulfilled need for affirmation, or maybe this is spiritual call for me to witness to others. Whatever the reason, the singers are there.

Why a gospel choir? Not exactly sure. It certainly does not come from the choir of my religious heritage, the good old Mormon Tabernacle Choir. MoTab doesn’t break into quite such rhythmic,¬† exultant jubilee (although they are known to wear blue).

Maybe it’s because a few years back I served in an inner city branch of our church. The best thing was when you gave a talk, the branch president would gently nod his head in approval as you were talking (or at least if you weren’t preaching any false doctrine). If you said something good you would get an audible “mm-hmm” as you spoke. It was very affirming. If the congregation liked your words, well sister, you got especially loud “Amen” at the end. I loved the way others truly witnessed with you.

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