Male’ yad

By Justine Dorton

My Testimony for Today

As I walked into church last week, I shook hands with the people I passed by, I embraced the sisters I saw, I patted the children underfoot. My hands touched and moved across the members of our ward as we mingled with each other before the services started.

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Reluctant Sower

By Dalene Rowley

LAST NIGHT AFTER MY OLDEST SON, Luke, went to bed, I knocked on his bedroom door. “I need to give you a hug,” I said. I hugged him good night, wanting to sear the memory of that hug, and the few we have remaining, into my heart forever. Or at least for the next two years. …

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Sin Offering

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Leviticus 12:1–7 Sand scorches my feet like ashes, a forgotten fire. Sun on my face welcomes me back from eighty dark days to witness bloody horns, spatters of careful slaughter, a pool of blood sliding across the sand black and sticky, like my own, but sprinkled on a holy altar, consecrated. If I could step …

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By Rynell Lewis

                    Sacrifice was numbered in sheep subtracted from flocks. First, young, flawless taken from the ewe’s warmth to altar of rocks, then burned: amber, orange, red. Babies fall through me, birthed to return straight to heaven. My first sucks a sliver-sized thumb and inhales one last …

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Bearing Much Fruit

By Laura Lefgren Banks

Harvest When I was younger and could run and not be weary, I would head for the hills and jog upward and onward, leaving the valley behind. My path often wound to an overgrown and forgotten back road connecting two otherwise separate neighborhoods. One cool, summer morning as I took this shortcut, I stopped in …

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Red Satin Sheets

By Angela W. Schultz

SOMETIMES I FANTASIZE about being Catholic. I don’t understand much about Catholic theology, but I love the mystique that shrouds their traditions—the flickering candles, the rosary beads, and the Gregorian chants. I also seem to have a natural affinity for sackcloth and ashes. Sacrifice and poverty don’t scare me. In fact, I bet I would …

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Gold to Give

They cut desire into short lengths And fed it to the hungry fires of courage. Long after, when the flames died, Molten gold gleamed in the ashes; They gathered it into bruised palms And handed it to their children And their children’s children.1 “This is what the Lord has been preparing you for,” said the …

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Daily Bread

By Emily Milner

AN ENORMOUS PLATE OF RICE sat in front of me, a mountain of rice, rice mixed with peas, an unidentifiable meat, and . . . ants? Yes, ants, the ants that marched many by many in Guayaquil, Ecuador. My food had already been blessed, but I blessed it again, fervently: ”Heavenly Father, I’m a missionary …

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Out of the Ashes

By Jennifer Seegmiller

I STARE IN FRUSTRATION at the garage’s concrete expanse—as if the car could somehow be hiding behind the tools and clutter. He said he’d be home in ten minutes! The mental shout echoes through my head as I glare, once more, at the empty garage. Fuming, I shut the door to find the phone. I …

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God’s Country

By Allyson Smith

GOD’S COUNTRY. That’s what my husband’s grandmother calls this land of rolling fields and sprawling cities. She grew up forty-five minutes from the University of Notre Dame, and when she heard Bryan had decided to come here for his PhD, she was thrilled. “You’ll absolutely love it there,” she told us. “That’s God’s country.” When it …

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