Where Am I Going?

By Teresa Bruce

I clicked the right blinker and slowed toward the empty space two car lengths ahead. A horn blasted. I slowed more, coasting a few feet closer. The horn still blared.   I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw only the bottom of a huge front grill. No way would the vehicle on my bumper …

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Spending Time with Cain and Abel

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Spending Time with Cain and Abel: Sibling Rivalry

I am now back from a short stretch with my son and his family who just welcomed their third little boy into the world. The older two are 3 and 5 ½. As every grandmother knows, their own grandsons are the cutest, smartest, cuddliest, most imaginative, and most creative grandsons on the planet. In my case this is actually true.

I spent my first afternoon with the two older boys so Mom, Dad and Baby could have some time together. There was cooperative play with the background music of the Blaze, Octopods and PJ Masks cartoon shows. There was successful parallel play because the younger boy preferred matchbox cars and the older was busy with magnetic tile construction.

Five minutes later, the tide turned.

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Serpent and/or Dove?

By Karen Austin


I moved into my new home on May 27th, yet I slept on the floor until June 15th.  The moving company contracted to deliver my furniture by June 8th, but they were late.

One of the frustrations was the repeated delays.  The moving coordinator kept telling me that the delivery would be in the next day or two.  This went on for days.

Far too much of my time was spent trying to determine how I would respond.  Would I be very aggressive and demanding? Or would I be understanding and flexible?

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They Should Not Contend

By Carina Hoskisson

2 Nephi 26:32 And again, the Lord God hath commanded…that they should not contend one with another. My husband and I were raised in two different homes. That’s ridiculous, you say, we were all raised in different homes otherwise that would be kind of creepy. No, but really, on both philosophical and practical levels, our …

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