Freeze Dried Jello and Other Food Storage Oddities

By Terresa Wellborn

Growing up, my mom regularly foisted food storage powered milk on us, which we sleuthed from a mile away. It had a horrible mouthfeel and gave us the runs, hives, or both. Food storage was bomb shelter fare we’d eat only if the Russians attacked, there was an alien invasion, or a famine — and …

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Stupid Skinny Jeans

By Michelle Lehnardt

By now, you’ve heard more than enough about the BYU-Idaho skinny jeans scandal. I have just a bit more to add, but a little story for you first:

Salt-of-the-earth isn’t adequate to describe my father-in law. At fifteen he emigrated from East Germany to the United States with his sixteen year old brother as his only companion. Together they made their way to Utah, found a little apartment in downtown Salt Lake City, enrolled themselves in East High and worked as janitors at the old LDS hospital to support themselves. Somehow he served a mission in Finland and made his way through college compliments of the U.S. Air Force. A life-long learner, he loves to discuss passages from Isaiah, yet has an arsenal of knock-knock jokes from his thirty years as a third grade teacher.

Never in a bishopric or the High Council, Fritz serves quietly as a home teacher to up to twenty-two families at a time. He shovels snow, fixes cars and performs countless home repairs with his trademark smile and childlike joy.

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