Comfort Food

By Jessie Christensen

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my kitchen on a sunny Saturday morning trying to decide whether I wanted to drive to my favorite fruit stand for some local peaches to turn into pie. Just as I had decided to wait until the next week, the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor with a large bag of fruit from his peach tree; most of them were small and a little hard, but perfect for pie. As I was working on the pie the next day, I realized that I have been baking pies for at least 25 years. When I moved into my first college apartment, I bought a pastry cutter, a rolling pin, and a glass pie dish so I could bake for my new friends. These days I don’t make pie very often, because it takes time and effort, and my small family doesn’t eat large amounts of anything–even fresh peach pie.

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