Holy Ground: Motherhood and Midlife in Darlene Young’s Homespun and Angel Feathers

By Terresa Wellborn

I love roller coasters — the anticipation and rise to great heights, the gut-lurching upside-down loops, the rush and plummet down the tracks. I’ve often visited Six Flags and waited in serpentine lines at Colossus for hours just for a short ride. Just to feel alive. Darlene Young accomplishes all this and more in her …

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By Emily Milner

I am in love with this poem by Darlene Young:

I got your jewelry, a couple of scarves, and an old dress
I claimed just because it looked like you.

But familiar though the earrings are, the scarf, the dress,
the emerald pin, no matter how I squint into the past
I can’t make out your face and now I fear
I never really saw it. Being a mother too,
this worries me.

But also when you died I got your books
and, reading them, I find you after all.

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A chat with Darlene Young

By Kathyrn Lynard

One of the great perks of working on the Segullah staff is meeting so many bright, faithful, and talented women. Darlene Young is a great example. A successful artist in several writing genres, her work has been published in Irreantum, Dialogue, Exponent II, and church magazines.. Darlene is secretary of the Association for Mormon Letters (AML). She has a tenacious testimony and a keen mind. And her poetry is the kind I love best—artful, yet down-to-earth.

Segullah published three of Darlene’s poems, including Alex, 9 in our Spring 2006 issue, and her poem Umbilical Cord, first published in Irreantum, was recently featured in Popcorn Popping.

Read on for more info about this up-and-coming artist!

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