The Housewife Dreams of Names

By Dayna Patterson

The Jane Austen neighborhood of names: Greathouse Middlebrook Goodknight The happily hyphenated: Christmas-Card Trusty-Fox Glass-Coffin The rainbow zoo of names: Yellowwolf Musselwhite Silverbears The tree violent: Knockwood Lockwood Cheatwood Names just shy of appetizing: Elkshoulder Cornmesser Eagleburger The richly humble: Soldier Paniagua Trueblood The divine: SantuEspiritu Dieudonné Godbolt Makes her wish Instead of putting on …

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The Secret Life of Cole’s Mommy

We’re happy to tell you that we’ve managed to sneak in one last UP CLOSE motherhood post by Eliana Osborn.  Eliana worships the sun in the desert southwest.  She spends her days teaching her two young Jedi masters to only use the force for good, as well as at Arizona Western College.  She has published in Budget Travel magazine and Literary Mama, with upcoming work in The Friend and San Diego Family Magazine.

“Right this way folks, circle around the Picasso on the left.”

 I’m surrounded by a group of tourists holding museum brochures and looking anxiously up at the large painting of a blue man mournfully playing his guitar. The cold Chicago wind is far away from our entourage deep inside the Art Institute.

“As you can see, this is from the Blue period. Can anyone tell me how this is different from his later works?”

A sudden crash brings me back to the family room, where I’m building the world’s largest two-car garage out of nothing more than wooden blocks.

“The dinosaur got it, Mommy! Do it again!”

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Wanted – Granting of One (Itty-bitty) Wish

By Kellie Purcill

A money tree would be nice to have. A dragon would be pretty fun too. I’m not sure about a genuinely magic eight ball, though, because I tend to lose those sorts of smaller things. But you know what I would REALLY like, if a wish was to be granted?

I would like a list of dates when significant things are going to happen. An advance notice sent special delivery – no angels required, though really, who wouldn’t mind meeting one? A lovely note to read that considerately includes photos, video clips, or teaser trailers of my potential, possible life. Why not? What would it hurt?

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