I’d like to bear my testimony of . . . satan

By Hildie Westenhaver

The Devil is true. This is what I have wanted to say many times in Testimony Meeting. But I’m sure before I got the sentence out of my mouth the Bishop would be dragging me away from the podium.

Even though we believe in Satan, he is usually just a footnote added to most talks and lessons. Nobody gets assigned “Lucifer” as a topic for Sacrament Meeting. Although Satan is discussed at the temple, most people in the church—especially the younger demographic—are educated about Satan via Hollywood. Lucifer has become nothing more than a ghost story to many people.

Occasionally someone at church will bring up C.S. Lewis’ excellent book The Screwtape Letters. Or some sweet old lady will dust off that silly quote, “the Devil isn’t smart, he just has a lot of experience.” Sadly, the Devil is smart. Very smart. And it is naïve and ignorant to assume that we can float along in life without having to face off against Satan.

This is what I would like people, especially the younger ones, to know: the Devil is real and powerful and nothing but evil. He has been around a long time and is a cunning expert at getting people to believe what he wants. He can convince you that red is blue and that up is down. And he can do so without you realizing what has happened until you, like the scriptures say, are wrapped up entirely in flaxen cords on your way down a terrible path.

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